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Barto the mascot


"May I come in? I'm the grand child of the monkey in Ludovico Mazzolino's painting, you know... the one in Room IX" - he had pointed out with a smile.
"I'm here to apply for the post of mascot of your museum".

That's how Barto introduced himself, and we loved him straight away. Art is his passion, and like all monkeys, he is curious, full of energy and... incapable of staying serious for too long (his favorite sculptor at MAL? Severo Calzetta, because his surname means "small sock"!)

Barto is ready to be the official museum guide for our younger visitors, a friend with whom they'll discover MAL's artists and their masterpieces.
And who knows, maybe through Barto's big starry eyes, they might really start looking around themselves... with brand new eyes.

PS: We would like to thank Gaia De Paoli (, art director living in the lovely shadow of the Eiffel tower, for creating our mascot (and for having prevented Barto, when we toasted to his new job, from eating all the peanuts on the buffet table).